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Smell is the most ethereal interpretation of abstract
unfolding tangible stories from intangible sensations
dissipating as they're about to be touched.
In this hazy and spontaneous world of scents
BRANDOR embraces freedom and imagination
to interpret scenes and emotions for every single fragrance.

To seal the past memories within the scents.
At some casual moments of whim
go back at any time
to the old time and space
the one that still tinged with a hint of nostalgia
Ambiguous yet fervent,
timeless and mysterious.
Scent is the time machine

Wandering under the moon's glow
Exploring the real amidst unreal
Midnight violets narrate to unfold
The passage of time, before they get old

Veiled Santal

Sandalwood | Cedar | Papyrus


Darkness sinks into the light

Serenely echoing through the night

We wander beneath the moonlight

Falling into the sea of time

Memories  pure as slumbering amber

Turning the hidden gears in a secret manner

Hushed City

Orange | Nutmeg | Amber

Freesia dancing in the sunlight

Like meadows where young maidens hike

Freedom and purity, embracing with pride

Vanishing in breeze,

sweet and bright

Auroral Freesia

Pear | Rose | Freesia


Misty woods in veils of smoke

Whispering the tales untold

Awakening the lush, where mosses enfold

With humid earth and morning's dew

The breathe of life, freely it flows

Hovering Woodland

Sage | Oak Moss | Lavender

Tender Universe

Smoke blooms from the night

The breeze touches the veiled sea

Silent cedars embraced by moonlight

Who gently caresses

the hushed autumn night

Lustrous Moonrise

Bergamot | Sea Salt | Musk

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